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Your Being is in Yourbody and that's Geobody™. Greatness invites yourbody to get more acquainted with your physical and mental senses. Our programs offer a wide range of opportunities and direct benefits for people of all ages, walks of life, professions, and conditions. Our certification for trainers brings an added value for trainer and their clients. Learn more about what Geobody™ fitness system can do for your personally and professionally. For more information feel obligated to submit your inquiry. Kind Regards J.R. Randon, founder -

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Innovation in progress.. Improving your next move

Geobody™ Hand Sense

Geobody® on your ambitious that brings alive what yourbody wants for you. As the founder of Geobody Sense Fitness, it’s fare to say; “I aspire to be a think act positive Guru, Improving the way you feel about fitness. Geobody® Sense Fitness algorithm.. is it in your routine? 

Geobody™ Sense Fitness

 Theme of the week.  ( February 2 - 9) 

Simplify your life & Make Room for your senses..
(T-Sm-Se-F-H-T-Sm) Hear 2020

See how to appreciate something you should love by J.R. Randon 

Simplify your life & Make Room for your senses.. 

Geobody on our Sense functionality as the ultimate tool towards exploring our human existence. iGeobody™ Fitness applauds our see sense of the day for being encapsulated within the head anatomy.  


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