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You can soon access our GeoBody™ sense technique from anywhere in the world using our GeoBody™App! Complement / enhance your fitness routine and training performance with our GeoBody™ workoutLearn how to realign your sensesAwaken your senses, focus your min...
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GeoBody™ is getting down to the nitty-gritty while mixing the ingredients up to the flavour your creativity. There are many benefits to herbs and spices. Cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels and has powerful anti-diabetic effects. Sage can improve brain functi...
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No one has more fun at a Chance the Rapper show than Chance himself. But a close second, at stage left, is Matt Maxey—who, along with his company, DEAFinitely Dope, is translating the magic of Chance shows for deaf concertgoers. Ashley Fetters hung out with Maxey at Lo...
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There are many Deaf communities all over the world. Each Deaf community has its own sign language and culture. The issues confronting Deaf communities around the world vary from country to country. This is dependent on the resources the countries have for Deaf and hard-of-he...
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Joseph Renwick Randon founder of GeoBody™, is a fitness expert who has blended direct fitness with fundamental sense awareness. GeoBody™, is a unique technique which is a combination of acupressure/stretching and modern psy...
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