Staying Sense Fit is a way of life at Geobody™. Our professional services encompass an organic process. Our intake consultancy is geared to tailor your individual and personal needs for a better you.

Feel Total Tranquility with or without Control

Become The Purpose

Your Being is in Yourbody and that's Geobody™. Greatness invites yourbody to get more acquainted with your physical and mental senses. Our programs offer a wide range of opportunities and direct benefits for people of all ages, walks of life, professions, and conditions. Our certification for trainers brings an added value for trainer and their clients. Learn more about what Geobody™ fitness system can do for your personally and professionally. For more information feel obligated to submit your inquiry. Kind Regards J.R. Randon, founder -

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Geobody™ Fitness TIP Exercise

iGeobody™  Fitness Sense TIP Followers, Here is a general overview
Putting Geobody algorithm in to practice in a variety of sequences ( finger tip tap touch ) and coordinating touch with sense in mind. Now moving forward, explore the “L” The right angle at all connecting points and exercise both breath awareness and collective modality in your own sense relations.. e.g.  Leg / arm elbow and knee flex..


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