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GeoBody™ is a unique technique which is a combination of acupressure, stretching and modern psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy and body all at once.

The practice consists of stretching and exercising the smaller parts of your body which are used most;– such as your hands, fingers, fingertips,  wrists  and forearms. Daily practice is guided by our GeoBody™ Time Sense Calendar and combined with specific breathing techniques to stimulate a specific type of body balance.

Joseph Renwick Randon founder of GeoBody™, is a fitness expert who has blended direct fitness with fundamental sense awareness.  His technique can be compared to Feng shui for your body. His fitness innovation has been compared to yoga, pilates and tai chi.  His holistic approach combines GeoBody™ technique with meditation instruction giving his clients the complete positive experience with full health benefits.

GeoBody™ workshops – “The Body Wants to Know Its Name” is an exciting workshop teaching clients to use all senses as a basis for its fitness strategy.  Great for people of all ages – its unobtrusive and gentle yet effective for all fitness levels. 

Joseph customizes the training to suit his client’s needs and to enable them with the tools to improve their experience.
Joseph Renwick Randon has over twenty years of experience in fitness.  His background as a former star basketball player and fitness aficionado has allowed him to pull together years of experience.  His talent comes in a disparate forms to working as one cohesive effort delivering a winning program / workshop.

GeoBody™ also offers fitness certificates suitable for personal trainers and individuals wanting to improve their strategies and be more present.

Joseph Renwick Randon, GeoBody
Joseph Renwick Randon

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