GeoBody™ Fitness
A Hand Sense Technique

What is Geobody™

Discover the Beauty of Mind, Body and Sense Realignment with GeoBody™

GeoBody™ is a hand sense technique which focuses on the following senses;

  • Feel - Touch
  •  See - Sight 
  • Smell - Breathe
  • Taste - Eat
  • Hear - Sound

GeoBody™ technique compliment all forms of movement. As a sense philosophy the method of the exercise improves Pilates, Yoga , Thai Chi, individual and team sports and many other fitness practices. Aligning posture with senses, mind and body.

Founded by Joseph R Randon, a former basketball star player from Miami Hurricanes, 'The U', who used his knowledge and understanding of game, practice and training to bring forth the world's first hand Sense fitness system.

" Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends who Care" SoundWater,

Joseph Renwick Randon,
Founder & Practitioner


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