GeoBody™ Fitness Hand Sense Technique

Mind, Body and Senses Realigned

Discover the Beauty of Mind, Body and Sense Realignment with GeoBody™

GeoBody™ is a hand sense technique which focuses on the following senses;

  • Bite (Taste)
  • Sight (See)
  • Sound (Hear)
  • Breathe (Smell)
  • Touch (Feel)

GeoBody™ is an exercise that complements Pilates, Yoga and many other fitness practices. Aligning your mind, body and senses.

Founded by Joseph R Randon, a former basketball star player from Fulshear, Texas who used his knowledge of fitness and research into biological polarization to come up with a unique and effective new complementary exercise which heightens awareness, focuses the mind and intensifies the senses.

​GeoBody™ + Juvo Board & Medicalpilates is making a game changer in the health & wellness industry


Latin for help or assist, Juvo is a transformational new movement in home and studio fitness.

Designed to support individuals of all fitness levels in the quest for strong, healthy bodies and minds, Juvo Board allows endless workout routines on a single, revolutionary surface safely.

From SUP fitness and functional strength training exercises to gentle yoga and mobility drills, Juvo Board’s Balance and Elevate settings let you choose a difficulty level that’s right for your body.

Joseph Renwick Randon, GeoBody™ Founder & Practitioner.

A former basketball player, professional model and brand promoter from Texas, USA.  Joseph created GeoBody™ fitness system as a hand sense technique; encompassing an holistic approach within the health and wellness industry.


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